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SCR screen recorder

SCR screen recorder is a screencast recording app to record all the things running on your device with its original sound quality. Have you ever thought how the video tutorials are made on the different apps? Have you ever seen the video of a game which is at play? They all are because of this fascinating SCR screen recorder. SCR screen recorder catches both display and the internal sounds and makes a comprehensive video on your device performance.

How to download and install SCR screen recorder?

Requirement: A rooted Android device.

  1. At first, to not to get an error message while installation proceeds, you have to tweak the settings by following the given path. Settings ⇨ Security ⇨ Unknown sources ⇨ ✔.
  2. Then download SCR screen recorder Apk file.
  3. Open the downloaded APK file and click on the "install" option.
  4. Agree all the conditions and give relevant permissions. That’s it.
  5. The mission is completed☺.
  6. Now just tap and open the app.
  7. SCR screen recorder will start the recording of the display and audio. By simply shutting the device you can quit the app.
  8. You can trim and edit the recorded video as you wish.

What is SCR screen recorder?

SCR screen recorder is an Android app to record the display and the sounds of your device to make a comprehensive video of what you are doing with your device. It carries a multiple number of functions like video screen recording, audio recording, editing recorded videos, storing them and much more. To get all the full functionality of SCR screen recorder it is better to have a rooted Android device.

Features of SCR screen recorder