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SCR screen recorder is a screencast recording app. It is originally made for the Android operating system. It lets us to record that appears on the screen and sounds on the screen. Also, you can add your real-time emotions to the recorded video through face cam.

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Why SCR screen Recorder?

SCR screen recorder does all the other things associated with a video production. So SCR screen recorder can be used to make youtube videos and to be a formidable Youtuber and earn money from making YT videos. Also, you can share videos on what you are doing with the device (way of playing a game, the way of using a particular ap, etc) with your friends through social media sites. In this way, you have the ability to get the use of SCR screen recorder in different fields.

Scr screen recorder official

Features of the SCR screen recorder

Screencast recording:

Screencast recording means the digital recording of device screen output. It is just like capturing the screen output with audio narration. When you are playing a game and wants to show-off your talent at the play, the best suiting method is the recording of the screen using SCR pro. Because it can give the original feeling inside the game to the viewer of the video. As well when watching a movie, you come across many funny parts of it. By taking screen records of them and by mixing your emotions with the video record, you can make a funny output and share it with your friends.

Audio recording:

Usually, audio recorder comes pre-installed on Android devices. So you won’t find audio recording feature as something thrilling. But none of them record the system sound or the internal sound of the device as SCR screen recorder. They just record the microphone sound and it is not of a good quality. The audio part of a video is very important. To give the real-time original feeling the sound quality should be higher and with the original effect. SCR screen recorder records in-game audio directly without any quality loss which caused by microphone recording speakers output. This can be done on most Android devices. While recording proceeds, by enabling the "Internal + Mic" option you can add a microphone narration to the system audio record. Still, Android 4.2version is not compatible with this feature. But in near future, this feature will be added to that version too.

Face cam feature:

You can give a personal touch to the video record by adding your emotions through the front-facing camera of the device. You have to move the camera around until you find a perfect angle which doesn't block important controls to get the assistance of front cam at videos. In fact, this is a good feature to attract more users towards SCR screen recorder.

No ads at all:

SCR screen recorder is a freeware which runs under the donations. So SCR screen recorder does not hamper your video recording task with annoying ads. This is helpful to get a crystal clear video record.Even though SCR screen recorder is not disturbed by annoying ads, all the features and the installation of SCR screen recorder can be done totally for free.

An easy way to capture screenshots:

SCR screen recorder does almost everything associated with screen captures. It has simplified the way of taking screenshots. Earlier you have to long press two buttons like the power button and home button to take a screenshot which is a kind of discomfort. But SCR screen recorder has made it easier by letting you get screenshots by simply touching the “capture” option.

SCR screen recorder as a video editor:

With SCR screen recorder, there’s no need to download any more apps to edit the video. SCR screen recorder itself has options to make changes on video and to give a good finishing output. A professional touch can be given to the recorded video via the customizing options at SCR screen recorder.

Tweaking Settings:

You have the total freedom to manually tweak each and every option on settings. It supports you in the customization and optimization of the SCR screen recorder.

Custom care:

Some Application Programming Interface (APIs) and hacks used at SCR screen recorder are not compatible with some devices and ROMs. So you may encounter some issues at settings. In such times you can "Send bug report" to the forum.

Easy to access:

SCR screen recorder floats on the screen. So at any time, you can record anything that appears on the screen by just tapping on the floating window.


Guide to download and install SCR screen recorder on Android OS running devices

  1. SCR screen recorder does not exist on Google Play Store. So you have to download SCR screen recorder from a downloading link on the web. Most sites give fake downloading links to reload their sites again and again. So make sure to download SCR screen recorder apk from a trusted website.
  2. If you are downloading this kind of third-party app for the first time, go to settings and enable “Unknown Sources” which is in the Security section. (Settings ➡ Security ➡ Unknown sources ➡ ✔). After enabling this option, you are allowed to install any app or tool which do not belong to Google Play Store.
  3. Go to Downloads folder or to notification bar and click on downloaded SCR screen recorder apk file to open.
  4. There click on “install” option to run the installation.
  5. In a couple of minutes, the installation will complete. So that you’ll see the SCR screen recorder app icon on the Home Screen of the device.

How to use SCR screen recorder?

SCR screen recorder is a simple and a user-friendly app. Without any technical knowledge, you can get on with the app super easily.

  1. First you have to push the button once and click on "Start" option.
  2. Then SCR screen recorder will start recording.
  3. While recording proceeds, once you touch the screen, the SCR screen recorder app icon will display in the window.
  4. To stop the recording just shut down the screen by pressing the power button as usual. Or you can stop the recording by tapping “Stop” option at the app interface.
  5. SCR screen recorder floats on the screen as a floating window. So at any time, you can enter to the app, by touching on the app icon.
  6. To get screenshots, you have to navigate to the app and click on “Capture” button which appears as the first option of the app interface.
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Video editing and other changes that you need to do on SCR screen recorder can be done through app settings. The recorded videos are saved in any folder that you selects using the setup option.

FAQs on SCR screen recorder

Can I post my recorded screen plays on websites?

Yes. you can publish recorded video or a screenshot on any website as you wish.

Why SCR screen recorder is not on Google Play store?

Google Play Store raid apps which switch SELinux apps into Passive mode. Due to this reason, SCR screen recorder is not on Google Play Store.

I get error messages when proceeding the video record. Why is that?

Don’t worry. This is a common issue face by most SCR screen recorder users. At first change the resolution. Then switch in between CPU and GPU modes which are image transformation modes. If you still can’t fix the error by altering settings, send a bug report.

Some colors are not recorded well on the video. It has a strange color effect. How can I fix this error?

Go to Settings of SCR screen recorder and select "Inverted color fix" option. Then the color error will fix.

My phone has delayed response when SCR screen recording proceeds. Why is that?

You have to change settings because the phone’s hardware is not designed to run a 3D game and a HD quality video simultaneously. So reduce the resolution to frame rate.

Some color strips can be seen on the recorded video mixed with the screen. Is it a normal matter?

You can fix this error by simply changing the resolution to a lower level. This kind of errors happen due to the crash in video encoder.



Scr screen recorder Apk is not availble on Official Google Play Store, So download the APK file from below download links.

APP NAME SCR Screen Recorder
Latest Version v2 2.0.0
Updated On 28th of Feb 2018
APK size 5.72MB
Andoid version required Android 4.0.3 or above
Available on Google Play? No
Main purpose Screen Recording
Downloads 1,201,803+

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Security Alert:

To get the best functionality of SCR screen recorder, a rooted Android device is essential. But rooting an Android device has a little risk of losing of warranty. Even your device can be bricked from rooting. So it is better to root your device with a safe and trusted rooting tool. Further, SCR screen recorder is not on Google Play store. But millions of SCR users prove its usability. However it is better to download SCR screen recorder from a trusted website which does not contain the malicious virus and other such components. Our site is a trusted site which offers safe downloading link. So I recommend you to download SCR screen recorder Apk from our site.


SCR screen recorder is developed by Iwo Banas under XDA forum. Now even the paid version of SCR screen recorder; SCR pro is available for free. Iwo Banas distribute SCR screen recorder as a freeware. So all the developer credits are offered to this independent app developer; Iwo Banas. Thanks to SCR screen recorder we can record anything or take screenshots on any game play, on any app or on any video we stream through our Android device. The main intention of this website is giving a fair idea on SCR screen recorder for your knowledge. I think this website has brought all the facts that you need to know on SCR screen recorder. Note that we do not possess any copyrights regarding SCR pro apk. They are held by relevant owners. So we are not responsible for any issue you come across with SCR screen recorder.